Our Capoeira Angola

The Capoeira Angola we teach is basic Capoeira Angola rooted from the great elders in the art form.

CM Chicago na Rio-1
Our Capoeira Angola instruction is led under the guidance of The Low Country Capoeira Angola Society, which was founded by Contra Mestre Erik “Chicago” Murray, a student of Mestre Joao Grande for over 28 years.

Mestre João Grande (João Oliveira dos Santos) was born on the 15th of January, 1933. He is a Grão-Mestre (Grand Master) of Capoeira Angola who has contributed to the spread of this art throughout the world. He was a student of the late Mestre Pastinha, also known as the “father of Capoeira Angola”. Currently Mestre João Grande leads an academy in New York City.


The Atlanta Branch of Low Country Capoeira Angola Society is managed by Tyrone “Re’al” Murray, a practitioner of Capoeira Angola since November of 1996 in the Metropolitan Atlanta area.